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Becoming Sienna

An On the Run Romance Spin-Off Novella


Three’s a crowd, especially when one is a stalker…

Sienna Chase is having the worst day of her adult life - kicked out of her nursing program, dumped by her boyfriend and, to top it off, followed home by creepy Dr. Charles Allerton.


Flying back to her parents’ home on Cape Cod to take stock of her life ends up  triggering the trauma of her sister’s death twenty years earlier. Thank goodness for Blue Rafter, the boy she gave her first kiss to at the age of eight. He’s all grown up and their chemistry is instant.


Except Dr. Allerton turns up, scaring her with frightening gifts and messages, and Sienna needs to figure out why she’s hiding evidence to protect him. 


The police don’t take her seriously. Her parents think she’s drinking too much to numb her memories. Her only ally is

Blue . . . and he’s trying to save her from herself. 


Until Dr. Allerton’s final gift . . . 

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“Bittersweet and definitely left me wanting more... This was a really interesting take on a stalker- themed story" 


― Allyssa O’Brien, Goodreads Reviewer and Between the Spine Blog (Becoming Sienna)



Sneak Peek: An extract

I wish I’d cleaned my teeth, brushed my plane-sleep hair, and washed my make-up smudged panda eyes, because the guy grasping the cardboard with my name on it is a Liam Hemsworth lookalike. How is he an old friend of my mother’s? He spots me and salute-waves. Mom probably showed him my photo. Too late to pop into the bathroom for a make-over, I run my tongue over fur-lined teeth before pressing on a big smile.
     “Hi. I’m Sienna Chase.” I put out my hand for a shake.
      “I know who you are. You obviously don’t recognize me.” And with that, the guy scoops me into a hug.
      When I pull back, I squint up at him, try to figure out how I’m meant to know him. There’s something familiar there, but I can’t place him.
      “Don’t tell me you forgot about me?” he says.
      “It has been about fifteen years since I left Cape Cod.”
       He takes one of my cases and points at the door we’re headed for. “I’m not sure if I want to tell you now. Might keep you guessing.”
       “Oh, come on. Would you have recognized me if my mom—”
       “For sure.” He glances down at me, and I mean down. I’m five foot four and he must be over six foot. His eyes sparkle - yes, sparkle - with mischief.
      I stare back and thumb through all the boys I knew before the age of ten. And it hits me like a gust of warm summer sea breeze.
      “Thank God. This could’ve been awkward otherwise.” 
      But if anything, the realization makes everything more awkward. Blue. My first kiss. In the sand dunes at the beach. He’d held my hands and kissed me firmly on the lips. We were eight. His family moved to California a month later.

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