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The Chilling Tide

The Chilling Tide

The Tide Series - Book 3

Brett doesn’t believe in love triangles . . . someone must go.

When Drew is manipulated into believing Shae has fallen for his lifelong friend Brett, Drew decides that letting her go is the ultimate act of love.

For Shae, his rejection only pushes her closer to Brett.

Unhappy and living on separate continents, Shae’s decision to cross the Atlantic in a sailing contest ends in disaster. She has no choice but to accept Drew’s offer of a home and medical specialists, but she’s determined to never let him into her heart again.

In his final, desperate attempt to have Shae for himself, Brett crosses boundaries of friendship and love, and concludes that the only way to destroy a love triangle is to decide who will live and who will die . . . Drew’s the obvious choice, but if Brett can’t have Shae, then no one can.


Reviews of The Chilling Tide

“Drew had my heart from the beginning, but this book sealed the deal.” Makala Williams, Yours Truly Book Services

"This was amazing!!! There were tears, fears, laughter, secrets, action and tragedies." Goodreads Reviewer.

"What a story! This book gave us all what we were waiting for which was a great ending and really the only ending we could have for such an intense and wonderful story." BookSprout Review

"I highly recommend reading the series from start to finish!"  BookBub Review

"Until the very end, it's unsure what the end will be." Goodreads Review.

Every secret of a writer's soul, every moment of her life, every inkling in her mind, is written in her books ~ Virginia Woolf

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