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The Forbidden Tide

The Forbidden Tide

The Tide Series Book 2

Be careful what you run from… you never know what might catch you instead.

Shae Love knows one thing…

...she can only be happy when she’s at sea, flying below the radar.

But Drew Vega, the boy she fell for in Samoa, turns out to be a stranger. Gone are their dreams of sailing the world together, with nothing but the ocean to answer to. Drew’s days are now filled with business meetings instead of sketching landscapes, red carpet premieres instead of beaches, tailored Armani suits instead of swimming trunks. And the media trail him wherever he goes.

That’s not the only thing testing their love…

Brett Abspoel, Drew’s lifelong friend, is quietly plotting in the background. Shae is the cure that will wipe away his taboo past, and he’s determined to have her… whatever the cost.

When Shae runs from her new life with Drew, she has no idea what’s about to catch her.

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Reviews of The Forbidden Tide

“…such a wild ride that drags you in like the tide, you just want to never get off. It is a story unlike anything that I have read before” Makala Williams, Yours Truly Book Services

“Through tremendous events, literal storms and emotional tempests, and even that sensation of impossible-but-maybe, the author keeps the storyline pumping pure adrenaline throughout.” Goodreads Reviewer.


"Amazon needs to give more than 5 stars possible, because this book (& series) rates at least 10 stars!" 

Amazon Reviewer.


"Totally unlike any story I have ever read before." Amazon Reviewer.


"TM Bashford writes a mean love triangle!" Amazon Reviewer.

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