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 The Heartless Tide

The Heartless Tide

The Tide Series Book 1

Could you forgive the one you love of anything…
…even murder?

Behind the iron gates of their Malibu mansion hides the truth about Shae Love’s boyfriend. After the relationship ends in violence, Shae flees on her family’s yacht.

Drew Vega is running from something too…when he meets Shae on a Samoan island, both conceal their destructive secrets but can’t resist falling for each other.

But there’s a bigger problem lurking…

His name is Brett Abspoel and he’s Drew’s lifelong friend. 

Not even Drew knows how much Brett’s chilling past has broken him…and how it’s led to Brett’s current obsession—Shae.

As their three lives collide, they fight to survive the wreckage of love—and hate.

This romantic suspense novel with a love-triangle twist will keep you turning pages late into the night.


Reviews of The Heartless Tide

“I always love finding new authors, and this author is one to watch, because she has serious talent!”

Amazon Reviewer.

“It’s been a long while since I was up all hours of the night with my nose stuck in a book, unable to put it down… very visual and colourful … with a magnetic twist" ~ Sandra Severgnini, early reader

Mesmerising. T.M. Bashford is my new favorite author. Her writing is the whole package: dynamic, well developed characters; riveting, fast moving, action packed storyline; emotionally overwhelming and heart-stopping vocabulary and language and the developing, death defying suspense makes you unable to put her book down.”

 ~ Amazon Reviewer

“There were moments my heart rate spiked up to 100 bpm (per my fitbit) … so many spots kept me turning the pages into the wee hours of the morning” ~ Amber Dilks, early reader

"It’s so refreshing to read about a strong, yet realistic and complex female character."  ~ Amazon Reviewer

"Nothing I write in my review would ever give this book the justice it deserves." ~ Amazon Reviewer

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